With the arrival of GTA Online Heists, we’re all looking for active crew members to team up with to complete a four man crew.  We’ve been playing GTA Online since its arrival on the current-gen consoles racking up hundreds of hours – Many of those spent in online lobbies, where after waiting for an online mission to start just for a host to quit, or worse, players stand where they spawn inactive.

LFG (Looking for group) On Demand has been set up with the intention of matching likewise minded players in GTA Online, who will be dedicated to completing GTA Heists & actively working towards completing contact missions and survivals.

LFG On Demand is still in early (constant) development and there is plenty of functionality planned for the future. If you like our vision and are looking to contribute, please share LFG-OD.com with other gamers or get in touch with us.

You can get in touch through our social channels – Facebook.com/LFGOnDemand or Twitter.com/LFGOnDemand or Email us at hello@LFG-OD.com