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  • : Looking for people to join our new tribe !.

    Hello, people to keep it short...
    I am Dave,
    Back on Ark :).
    Age : 25
    Old tribe name: Amsterdam

    Looking for old timers and chill people who want to get back into playing ark just like me.
    I have a view old ark buddies helping me out grinding out the base on an abb server.
    they will also be joining us on the new server.

    The map or the server number has not been decided yet so feel free to give me your opinion if you do decide to join us on our no life grind.

    Most people in the tribe are either from the US or UK so the only requirement is to be able to speak decent English and you have to be 16+.
    (If you're more mature for your age we could bend the rules a little.  )

    If you would like to know more or join our group you can send a message to my Gamertag iDamsco

    Good luck on your grind Brother!.